Pow Wow °1990

We bought Pow Wow  trough my wife’s cousin Sven Lanslots of Al Shama Arabians in Tielen, Belgium in 2002. This mare has given birth to the wonderful stallion Nafiss Sadeek, who became Part-bred champion at the Belgian Nationals in 2001.
At the time we purchased her, she was in foal to Nikie Nl , and before birth we decided to sell the foal back to the breeder. The filly that was born in 2003 got the name Al Shama Allyah and is a real beauty. That made us decide to breed Pow Wow again , and this time we chose the chestnut Spanish stallion VD Ghillian to be the one for the job.

Out of this combination, our first foal got born: The chestnut and white colt, with one blue eye, Pintara Zaicko 2004

We liked this fellow so much so we bred Pow Wow again to the same stallion and at 16/04/2005 Pow Wow gave birth to the wonderful dark chestnut and white filly, called Pintara Zirka. This little girl got the first place in the part bred foal class at the Belgian nationals in 2005. So Pow-Wow has proven herself  again ! You see, Nafiss Sadeek was not a lucky shot, his mom has proven breeding quality !!

Pamina °1991

In December 2003 we decided to buy another mare for the stud , it became Pamina, a chestnut purebred mare out of Neglasari x Jamala. This mare became very special to me, she learned me a lot about horses, since she had no trust in people at all. She made me do a lot of efforts, she forced me to school myself as well theoretically as in practice. I will always be grateful to this mare for teaching my so much about horses. Pamina was bred in 2004 to Nikie Nl, which is a very nice pinto-Arabian stallion out of Neron x Daisy. He has a lot of Arabian blood and he had the highest score ( 87,3%) ever given to a part-bred at the stallion licence in 2003 as a 4 year old .
On 09/05/2005, Pamina delivered also a pinto mare. This is the 95% Arabian pinto Pintara Dakeyna a worth full daughter to her father, and worthy to her grandfather Neron NL.
Pamina is in foal (Cadisjah Pintara) to the wonderful stallion JK Catalyst ( PR Krystl Prince, sold to Libya in 2005,  x  world champion Victoria II, out of rsd Dark Victory). JK Catalyst is the only son of Victoria II in Europe !