About us


The first horse we ever bought was “Bartok the incredible” , a pinto Shetlander with blue dots in his eyes. This guy left us to be a companion for a little girl in April 2005

We really started our stud by buying our lovely pinto-mare Pow-Wow ( tricolor pony 135 cm ) in 2002.
We bought her in a pure bred stud that belongs to a relative , after we had seen her first pinto
Arabian sun called Nafiss Sadeek  , out of VD Darabel ( Kings Court Tarab x Warandes Arabel ) .
This little fellow was junior champion at the Belgian Nationals in Balen as a foal in 2001.
We bought her when she was bred by Nikie Nl , and the lovely filly was sold back to the breeder .
We decided to breed her to the Spanish chestnut stallion VD Ghillian , hoping to breed a pinto foal to ourselves .
At 22/03/2004 we became the proud owners of Pintara Zaicko, our first Pintara product .
The little chestnut and white stallion amazed us with a lovely body and one blue eye .
In December 2003 we decided to buy another mare for the stud , it became Pamina , a chestnut purebred mare out of Neglasari x Jamala. This mare was bred to Nikie Nl in 2004, which is a very nice pinto-Arabian stallion out of Neron x Daisy .He is more than 70 % Arabian and he had the highest score ( 87,3%) ever given to a part-bred at the stallion licence in 2003 as a 4 year old .So we had two mares pregnant and had something to look forward to in 2005.
After some sleepless nights Pow-Wow gave birth to a wonderful filly on 16/04/2005, which became a dark chestnut and white pinto, called Pintara Zirka .
3 Weeks later at 09/05/2005, Pamina delivered also a pinto mare. This is the 95% Arabian pinto Pintara Dakeyna
All these horses have been at least once to the Belgian championships where they all ended up top 5 and always with scores over 80% . As a prove of the quality of our paperless pinto pony ,Pow-wow, again she had a Belgian champion foal this year !!! Pintara Zirka was first in a class of 8 partbreds with 87 points , 3 times 18 for type and 3 times 18 for head and neck . Dakeyna was 4th with a score of 85,33% and was best mover in her class .

Since our stables are getting crowdie we expect only one foal for 2006 from Pamina x jk Catalyst , this will be a pure bred


Who else is living on our farm??